5 amazing improvements for desktop users in Windows 8

The all new interface of Windows operating system in its latest version Windows 8 has always been the highlight of the talks all around. People keep asking about its interface and the ease. Well, it is practically true that as new Windows 8 users you may need a few days to get yourself adapted to the new interface. But, that is all. I mean once you get used it, you are sure to be delighted with this new Operating System, its features, and of course, its performance.

Today, I am going to tell what all new things you will get to experience if you upgrade to Windows 8. It features a lot of new features and a large variety of improvements. Let me discuss them one by one.

Highly improved Boot Speed

Windows 8 makes use of various performance tricks to minimize the overall booting speed. On the same hardware configuration, a Windows 8 upgrade reduces the boot time by over 50%. Obviously, that brings the huge difference and leaves you simply impressed.

Windows 8 does a creative trick to speed up the process. It puts the low level system applications to hibernate which gives it plenty of time and thus it comes up with a greatly increased boot speed.

File Copying speed

It’s like never before. The speed of copying files on Windows 8 is something that will compel you to play a smile. It’s not the speed only, the file copying window gets a total makeover where it now shows you the graphics and speed of transfer. Above all, you can pause and resume the copy action at any point of time. If you use multiple file copy operations at the same time, it shows you all the progresses in the same window.

Multiple Monitor Support Simplified

Using multiple monitors on Windows 8 is very easy. Not only this, it gives many other options for enhanced experience at using two or more monitors. You can place separate wallpapers and Taskbar on the all monitors. In the previous version, it all was supported only by using a third party application. This time, it all comes up in your OS only.

All new Task Manager Interface

Task Manager is supposedly one of the most used applications on Windows operating system. Microsoft seems to have paid more attention to it. The interface has been completely revamped and a few more options have been added to it. It now features Start-up options also where you can control which all applications should load at the time of system start-up. You can track all running applications and close them very easily from Task Manager.  If you are not sure of an application’s purpose or you doubt on it, you can search it online right from the Task Manger interface.

Task Manager

File Explorer Improvements

File Explorer which you called Windows Explorer has also come up with a few new options.   It has now a new ribbon interface which gives you many more buttons to do things easily. There is no need to go to menu to do simple things anymore.

Windows Explorer is now File Explorer

In all, It’s the feature rich and high performance operating system from Microsoft. Want to upgrade to Windows 8? Contact us today by a sending a mail at support@mobilepcdoctor.co.nz or give us a call at 0 800 002 007.

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