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types-of-networkLast week I got a call from a gentleman asking – “Do you offer IT services, I mean computer and laptop repairs services in Auckland for small businesses also? Is there any difference in the approach you guys take when taking care of multiple PCs in an office?”  Yes, we do sir, and of course there is difference to some extent in the approach as well – was my answer. Is it so actually?

I thought of writing a blog to clarify this.

The very first thing, which is of huge importance in an office setup, is security. The second significant thing is performance. These two are the primary aspects that make our approach different for small business owners.

What happens is if you are an individual home computer user, your need towards security is a bit lesser in comparison to that of a business owner. The reason is very obvious – it is because in an office setup all computers are usually networked to one another with a single internet connection. In this scenario, if a single PC is infected with any malware, virus, spyware etc., it affects the whole network badly. For this reason, the security measures are required to be sound enough to protect the network from outside intrusions.

The second thing I discussed was performance. Yes, performance does play a vital role for businesses. The IT setup needs to be strong, compatible, and maintained enough to bear heavy workload of the business. For the companies, IT plays the backbone and it must be efficient enough to take the increasing workload of everyday. For this reason, we take a strategic approach to ensure better performance of computers all the time in the network.

Other than the things mentioned above, there are several other aspects that bring difference in the approach of rending computer fix and other IT related services for a small business. For instance, the amount of space required on each computer to run programs perfectly is also a very significant aspect. For this reason, we recommend our clients to go for cloud services like Google App for business to run their daily operations efficiently.

Here at Mobile PC Doctor Limited, we offer quality IT Help, support, and services across Auckland. To know more about our offering, please feel free to contact us today. We will be pleased to assist you make your computer setups perform better.

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