All About Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is definitely the buzz word that most of the small to mid-sized enterprises are talking today. You might have wondered as to what it is all about and what are its benefits? I will try to explain it all in detail here.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Services
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Referring to a dictionary you will get a definition like-“The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server is known as cloud computing.”

In simple terms, it means a suite of software or applications delivered over the internet. It’s like renting rather than buying. If you opt for cloud services, you do not actually own those applications, you actually pay for using them. For the second thing, such applications are hosted on remote server and not in your office. But you can access them right from your office or home using an internet connection and certain access credentials.

Usage and benefits

Most of the small businesses today make use of the cloud to host productivity applications, like e-mail, document creation and sharing application, and calendars. Using such services relieve them of the time and expenses required to run and maintain such software on their own computers.

Some of the significant benefits of cloud computing may include the following:

  • Very low administrative costs: The deployment of such services does not require you to make expenses for maintenance and administration purposes.  On the contrary, whenever you need support, you can contact your service provider.
  • Optimum utilization of resources: You can put your attention and resources more into other essential business needs in place of employing them to manage a dedicated IT team.
  • Less expensive: Cloud services have flexibility whereby you can control your expenses. Further, you will be paying only for what you are actually using, thus saving a considerable amount on less useful expenses.
  • Faster implementation: You are not required to purchase additional equipment or tools like hardware and software licenses. It needs lesser effort and time to set up cloud computing for your office.
  • Quality of service: Going by the competition the service providers are putting more effort into making their customer support efficient enough to meet users’ demand. As a result you can always be sure of great quality services.
  • Access from anywhere and better collaboration:  You can access your applications and data securely from any location. All that is required to do so is an Internet connection.
  • Data Backup: All your files that are stored in the cloud make sure that there’s always a copy available and that too – 24/7. So, in case you lose your data,  you always have an option for recovering it.

Google Apps

Google Apps has come up as a great option for the businesses looking to opt for cloud. The brand does not need any kind of clarification in terms of quality delivery and the level of services. Hence, it is definitely a great choice.

It provides application suite for all types of businesses. Some of the most important applications that come bundled in Google Apps include:

If you need support of setting Google Apps for your business, MobilePCDoctor can always be a helping hand. Get in touch with us to know more about our cloud services and to get a free estimate for your requirements.

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