Buying a new desktop computer

buying desktop computer

Buying Desktop Computer

Is your desktop computer taking too long to start? Technically speaking, does your PC suffer a prolonged booting process? Tried installing latest games or upgrading your applications but it freezes and does not allow you to take its full advantage. Tired of frequent computer repairs? Hold on! Ask yourself if your computer is compatible enough to support the latest applications and software. Agree with me? Well, it’s the time you need to get yourself a new desktop computer. Don’t worry I will try to help you out on this through this blog today.

When it comes to buying a PC, the available price options today may range from just $450 to almost $850. It’s all because of changes in their configurations and compatibilities. But if you are not a computer geek and do not to tend to do advanced things on your desktop, I would suggest a budget of $600 to $900 which will include even a monitor. However, you will need to make your choices on certain things like CPUs, memory, hard drive capacity and graphics technology. The budget I suggested you, will definitely bring you pleasure in terms of your computer’s performance and will last for at least 5 to 6 years if you do proper PC maintenance.

Considering Nettop as your Options

If most of work relate to internet and basic office applications, you can give Nettop a go. The cost of the nettop starts generally from as low as $350 or sometimes even less if you get some online offer discounts or something.

Let me explain Nettops a bit more for your understanding. A Nettop refers to an inexpensive, low-power computer designed specifically for basic jobs like Internet surfing, accessing common web-based applications, document processing, and a satisfactory quality audio/video playback. The word Nettop comes from Internet and desktop. Hence it is built for internet users in mind. The technical configuration of such computers are average that may comprise of a single or dual-core processor such as Intel Atom, AMD Neo etc. processors, integrated graphic card that cannot be upgraded if required, the RAM capacity can generally be from 512MB to 2GB of RAM with smaller hard drive and Windows 7 Starter or Linux operating system. Sometimes it comes with only DOS installed. It again depends on price you pay for it.

To conclude, I would say that you can get a strong enough Nettop in a budget of around $500 and it is a right choice in case you use internet a lot.

Going for mid-priced desktop PCs

In this range of PCs would you can get a computer that will be strong and compatible with most the things you would like. A dual-core processor with a 3 to 4GB of RAM and with sufficient disk space, all under a budget $600 to $700 and that too combined with an LCD monitor. The dual-core processor is a genuinely strong processor that will help you to get things done faster. You may also have options for Core 2 Duo, Core i3/i5, or Athlon II X3 in this budget but without a monitor. All theses processors are known for their rapid processing speed and high end graphic support.

To sum up I would say that you must analyze your needs and budget before you go to buy a PC for yourself. Doing this will help you strike a good balance with them. However, if you need any suggestions, you can post your comments below, I will try to respond to them.

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