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Cloud Services – Cloud Computing is a modern methodology that aims at accelerating your business applications, their integration and usage. In all, it makes business processes more rapid and off course secure. In even simpler terms, cloud signifies an abstraction of various business resources and technologies being used.

Cloud Services Auckland

Cloud Services Auckland

It plays a significant role in building integrated computing infrastructure combined with computer networks, systems and applications. For instance, Google provides its dedicated data center when you opt for its business Apps. In short, Google offers cloud services for a variety of business needs.

Migrating your business to Google We are dedicated to empower your business by providing you with an easy to use, secure and reliable hosted service in the Google cloud wherein your sites will run more smoothly on the secure data centres of Google instead of your office. Practically, it will add more acceleration to your business activities and will help your workforce be more productive. We, at Mobile PC Doctor, will be helping you achieve your business goals by putting our experience and expertise together.

Why choose Google? Google has a great track record for delivering cloud services to businesses of all sizes and home users, and is now a household name associated with Cloud computing. Google deliver security, mobility and innovation to you at an affordable price.

Mobile PC Doctor’s IT Specialist makes migration easy Mobile PC Doctor provides simplified migrations in plain English and we understand the jargon so you don’t have to. This proven technology is already working and implemented in New Zealand. If you don’t currently own a domain name, we can get one for your business so that you no longer need an XTRA or MSN account. This will allow you to get noticed as your own unique identity and arm you with a more business like email address. We can also make you mobile – get your information from a suitable mobile phone (iPhone / Android) or any web browser in the world.

To establish your success, we offer the following cloud services: – Set up your own domain or migrate your email and/or domain if one already exists

– Set up Google Email, Calendar, Contacts and Docs on your domain – Provide end user training upon completion of setting up your business in the cloud – Set up an additional array of Google Apps depending on your needs – Provide end user support for a low monthly fee  

Ready to opt for cloud services for your business now? We are right there with you at every step. Don’t hesitate to simply mail us at

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