Computer Repair: Essential Checklist for a Healthy Computer

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Computer – one of the possessions that we can hardly do without. Indeed a truth, isn’t it?  Practically, there’s a lot that depend on a computer – the little master. When it’s you, it’s about those urgent emails, files and necessary work, and when they are kids, they must not be sparing a moment to get to the gaming.  Besides, there are things like paying bills, online shopping, and off course –   your Facebook account and those impatient Google searches (yeah! I didn’t forget it).For all these small reasons (small. :)), we cannot afford anything wrong happening to this little master. But, in this technologically obsessed world your computer is bound to get exposed to certain unwanted circumstances. Result? Declined performance, reduced efficiency and failing health of your PC. So what do you do?! Of course you can grab help of an experienced computer repair expert any time. But, why not explore some other options that are preventive, come handy and are inexpensive too. After all, this little master deserves good care and the checklist below shows you exactly how you can provide that yourself.

  • Invest in an Antivirus: This is simply the best gift you can give to you PC.  An antivirus will not only protect your computer from virus, malware, spyware and unauthorized access but free your mind from a lot of stress by boosting you confidence as a regular internet user.  Make sure that your antivirus is of high quality and you keep updating it regularly for complete protection. One time investment in a good anti-virus can help you save your money and time in long run by providing immunity against several unseen threats.
  • Run Disk Cleanup and Uninstall Unwanted Programs: Cleaning your hard disk regularly by running Disk Cleanup can really enhance the performance and efficiency of your system. Further, removing unwanted and long unused programs from your computer can put a check on security risk, low memory space and slow processing speed.
  • Run Defrag: While running various programs your drive gets fragmented, affecting your system speed unfavorably. Defragmenting your hard disk can help you a great deal in speeding up your system speed and organizing your hard drive.  A regular use of this priceless tool will ensure improved performance and faster processing.
  • Reboot your System and Clean the fans: If you are someone who is hooked to PC 24/7, then this tip is valuable for you. The whole process will not take more than 5 minutes but in return it will boost your PC power immensely. Shut down the computer, take the modem and router off the plug, let you system cool off for a few minutes. In the mean time vacuum your systems fan grills and CPU to shake off accumulated dust and particles. Re-plug the modem, router and reboot your system. Voila!! You have just powered-up your PC and added to its overall life.
  • Free Your Web Browser Cache Memory: Develop a habit of deleting all the temporary files, unwanted cookies and browsing history information from your web browser’s cache memory. This will clean up your browser, enhance speed and free more space.

Your computer has almost all inbuilt tools and mechanisms to cleanup, restore and improve its performance and efficiency.  All you need is to look around a little bit and do some searching.  Add to that the power of a potent anti-virus and your PC can remain in pink of its health on its own for a long time. However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes there are certain spywares and viruses that are both stubborn and smart and a regular cleanup act may not help. In such a situation it is always best to consult a well experienced computer repair specialist and get things sorted for your little master in time.

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