Data Recovery from Hard Disk Crash: Important Tips

data recovery services
data recovery services

The biggest nightmare for today’s tech savvy generation is losing their precious data to a sudden hard disk crash. The experience of losing valuable information could not only be completely heart wreaking but also severely damaging for one’s occupation. However, just like every problem has a solution, this problem also has way-outs. Let me explain a few simple things that will help you a lot in this regard.

  • Installing and Configuring New Hard Drive: A crashed hard disk means that the disk can no longer be used to access and retrieve data from the system. In such a case, it is always wise to install a new and more dependable hard drive to avoid further data damage and access the same. Once you have installed a new hard drive and reloaded the O/S, you need to configure the new drive as Master or Primary drive and the crashed drive as Slave or Secondary drive so that you are able to run your system on the new drive and access the crashed drive as well. This will enable you to figure out the real cause of concern and perform suitable troubleshooting operation. However, it is strongly recommended that you carry out this procedure with some help in case you are a novice.
  • Data Recovery Software:  The most popular way of data recovery today is to use recovery software for recovering lost data. There are many reliable options available in the market such as Stellar Phoenix, R-Studio, Data Rescue PC, etc. However, if the amount of data to be recovered is very less then these software solutions could prove to be quiet heavy on your pocket. Of course, you can always find free data recovery software on the internet but remember improper use of such software may lead to further damage and permanent loss of data. Also, such software may not be of any use in case there has been a physical damage to your drive.
  • Getting Expert Help: If you are not sure of performing recovery operation on your PC yourself then it is always best to contact an experienced data recovery expert who could help you recover your data successfully from the system. This is, in fact, the safest and quickest of all the options available for data recovery in the market. These professionals know a lot of tips and tricks to smoothly recovery data from a crashed hard disk drive.

Also, it is worth mentioning that in order to protect your data from such hard disk crashes one can always avail various data protection services available online wherein you are given a facility of storing and creating backup your valuable data on an online storage system. So, even when your hard disk gets crashed you can still have access to your data online. You can even create backup of your data on a CD, from time to time, as a preventive measure.

It is understandable that losing data to a hard disk crash can create a great turmoil and is indeed a serious cause of concern for the owner but selecting a suitable data recovery measure instead of panicking and taking shortcuts could help you successfully recover and save your data from being lost forever.

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