Five ways Windows 8 is more secure than Windows 7

Windows 8 has made a lot waves recently, and it has definitely become a successful OS upgrade from Microsoft. If you are already using it you must have experienced the difference yourself, and if you are still not, you need to know that Windows 8 is more secure that Windows 7.

It’s not about those pleasing start screen tiles, an improved user interface, and the integrated touch friendliness only, this new OS promises you a better experience in many other ways. In this blog today, I will be explaining 5 main feature of Windows 8 that make it more robust when it comes to security things on your computer or laptop.


An antivirus program is very important to ensure better security on your computer, you know it, don’t you? Yes, it is the fact. Windows 8 comes with an integrated antivirus program – Windows Defender. In the earlier versions like XP, Vista and Windows 7, it was available as an additional program which you could download if you actually wanted to. But in Windows 8, it comes integrated with the OS. In the earlier versions, it was known as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Is this antivirus program capable enough? Can’t I install any other antivirus program if I want to? Okay, when it comes to the capability of the Windows Defender, it definitely is. However, if you would like to run any other software, you can do that to. As you install an antivirus from outside, the integrated one will be disabled by itself.

Early launch of Antivirus

Windows 8 gives antivirus programs, not just Windows Defender, the capability to run with the boot process. It means, in this new version of OS, antivirus programs can run and can scan your computer while in the boot process. It gives them the freedom to check of unhealthy applications in an improved manner.

Better Memory Management

In the earlier versions of Windows, memory management was reported to have several security holes. This new OS features an improved memory management where almost all those known bugs and security holes have been fixed. Talking general, now you can lock your hard disk drives using the integrated application – Bitlocker. Even internet explorer offers better security this time. IE 10 has reportedly fixed over 75% of security holes reported in the last two years.

Smart Screen Filter

Smart Screen Filter feature adds an additional layer of security to your Windows 8 computer. Let me explain as to how it works. It’s simple but secure, when you open an executable file like .exe, Windows checks the publisher of the file through its database and if it finds it verified, it lets you install the app. But, if it does not recognize the publisher, it will stop you from installing the software. It will ask for your confirmation whether you would like to install it at your risk or not.

Smart Screen Filter

App store adds more

When you want to install an application that is available through app store, Windows makes sure that application has limited privileges on your computer. Windows 8 apps work similar to web pages and mobile applications. An application installed through Windows Store can’t run in your computer’s background and can’t monitor all your keystrokes, your credit card numbers and online banking passwords. In short, Windows does not provide applications the access to do these things on your computer.

Windows Store

Now, ask yourself – aren’t you more secure on this new OS? Yes, you are. Thinking of an upgrade  from the earlier versions like XP, Vista or Windows 7? I am here to help you out on this. Give me a call today and book an appointment for Windows 8 upgrade.

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