How to shut down your Windows 8 computer in single click?

Microsoft has done so many small to big tweaks and updates in it new version of Operating System (OS) Windows 8. You must have experienced it yourself if you have upgraded to this brand new OS. The speed is super fast, and interface is simply great. The recent researches (even my own personal speed test) have revealed that this new OS loads faster than any other operating system today. The overall start up and shut down time is definitely impressive. But, along with these all sophistication  there may be certain things that you may be bothered about. One of such things is the Shut Down button on this new interface.

On Windows 8, the power button resides under Settings tab. It typically requires you to make a few clicks before are able to actually shut down your computer. Bothered? Well, ti was the same with one of my clients. She recently requested me a way out for this. I worked on this for her, and thought of posting a blog for the same so that even my readers can get the benefit. Here you go…

The first step is to create a shortcut on your desktop. You know it right? It’s the same as it was in the previous version of Windows. Still, I will explain it in detail for you. Right click on your desktop and then mouse over New. It will lead you to a new slide out window, here you need to click on Shortcut.


It will open the Create Shortcut window like the image below. In the text field, enter “shutdown /s /t 0“, don’t include quotes please.


Once you are done, click Next. It will ask to you to give your short cut a name. Give it a name as you wish. I will name it Shut Down here.

Click finish to complete this process. Let’s do one more thing to it. Let’s make it more real. How about giving it a Power Icon? Okay, I will explain how to do that.

Right click your mouse on the short cut icon you just created. Select Properties and then select Change Icon. You might see a pop up window saying there is no icon matching your application. Just press Ok and ignore it. You will see the Change Icon window now. Select the power Icon here and click OK. This will close the window now, click OK again on the Properties window. You are done. Can you the see the changed icon of your short cut now?


Let’s take this to our Start Screen now. Right click the Short Cut icon you just created and select Pin to Start. Press the Windows (System) key to go to Start Screen. Can you spot your brand new Power button there? If not, scroll to the right, you will see it there. Now, to bring it on the front view, left click your mouse and drag the icon to the left. Leave it wherever you want it to fit.

Cheers Techie!, You just created a Power button for your computer.

In case you have not upgraded to the Windows 8, or if there is any problem in your computer, feel free to contact me today. Call us at 0800 002 007.

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