How to bypass Backstage View in Word 2013 and save files quickly?

The most recent version of Microsoft office facilitates a number of new things which are being loved by its users. But, like all new things do not necessarily mean to be easier and time saving all the time, it applies to Office 2013 also. There are certain things that undoubtedly add to your productivity but there are certain features which seem to be bothersome at some point of time. For instance, if you talk about the most common thing like saving a file in Word 2013, it involves a few additional steps before you get to the final Save As window. A much respected customer of mine in Auckland asked me to do something to make saving of files easier. I looked into the possibilities for him and found the way out, which of course is given in the application option itself. Perhaps, Microsoft sensed that these additional Backstage windows can be troublesome for some of its users. J

I have put together all the steps involved in process and compiled a blog post for all my readers here. Hope you enjoy it.

Let’s get to the process now. For the first thing, let me show you how it all works in Word 2013 on Windows 8 OS.


Yes, so now you know the processes that you will have to follow to save a simple document in Word 2013. Troublesome for you too? Never mind, let me make it easier for you.

Go the ‘Option’ window first. Click on File Menu at the Menu Bar and then click Option at the bottom in the resulted dropdown. The following screen grab will show you how to do that:

You will have the Option window before you now.

Go to the ‘Save’ tab and Check ‘Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving a file’. Click OK and close the existing document after saving. Now open a new document and hit Save. Do you get the Backstage view now? No, you don’t. Cheers Mr. Geek, you just configured your Word 2013 to surpass Backstage view. Thumbs Up!!!

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