Cookies can act malicious, learn how to delete them

Cookies (HTTP Cookies) – are meant to be helpful while you browse the web. The purpose of cookies is to help you browse the web more efficiently and quickly. But, these small files containing your browsing sessions and a few useful piece of information like your name, passwords or preferences cannot be that delightful all the time. If an attacker uses these hidden information from your computer maliciously, things can be unpleasant and troublesome. Perhaps this is the reason, all modern web browsers allow their users an easy access and control to cookies. They keep it simple for you to delete or remove cookies from your computer.

Sometimes, it proves very helpful to delete cookies, especially when your internet speed decreases considerably and the pages take ages to load. As an active web user, you should always clean cookies at certain intervals like twice or thrice in a week, or even every day. Though, an optimum frequency of deleting cookies largely depend on your browsing hours and behaviour.

If you delete cookies regularly, you can always minimize the risk of malicious activities on your computer. In this blog today, I am going to share as to how you can easily delete cookies from your web browsers.

As of December 2013, Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser with its total market share at 46.9%. Firefox stays at the second rank and Internet Explorer from Microsoft at third. Okay, so taking Chrome as the most popular internet browser, let’s first understand how you can delete cookies from this browser.

Google Chrome

First step toward this is to open Setting window of the browser. You can do this by typing chrome://settings/ in your Chrome browser. Alternatively, you can click on the option icon at the top right corner, just below the Close button. It will open a drop down, select Settings from it.

Now go to History Tab at the left sidebar and click ‘Clear all browser data’. It will open a pop up window in the middle of the screen. Now check what you want to delete and finally click ‘Clear Browser Data’.

Mozila Firefox

To remove cookies from Mozila Firefox, go to Tools Menu right above at the Address Bar. Can’t see the Menu Bar? Hit ALT key on your keyboard, it will reveal the menu bar. Now, go to Tools and click, ‘Clear browsing Recent History’ from the drop down. It will open a pop up like in the case of Google Chrome. Select the options of your choice and hit Clear Now.

Internet Explorer 10

It’s the same as in Mozila Firefox. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools under Menu Bar. If you can’t see the Menu Bar, hit ALT key on the keyboard. Now, head to Tools menu and select the first option at the very top that says – Delete Browsing History. It, too, will open a pop up. Select the options of your choice, and click ‘Delete’ to get ahead.


Opera browser is not that popular among internet users. However it has done multiple tweaks and advancements in its modern version. But, it is supposedly the most popular Browser application when it comes to mobile internet users. To delete cookies in Opera, go to the Menu Button at the top left corner – the with Opera’s logo on it. Click the Menu button to reveal the dropdown. Now, go to Settings and click ‘Delete Private data’. It will open a pop up window, select the onscreen options according to your preference and click Delete.


Apple’s Safari browser is most popular on its own devices. The users of Macbook, iPad, iPhone mostly use their inbuilt browser Safari only. This is also important to note that Apple has stopped developing the further version of Safari for Windows. However, it has not been confirmed by the brand, it has been several months since Apple released any update for its Windows version.

Moving further, to delete History in Safari, go to Menu Bar, and then to History. At the very bottom, click on Clear History. To delete cookies, go to Edit menu and select Empty Cache. To do a hard resent of all preferences and data, go to Edit Menu and click Reset Safari.

Quick Tip: You can also use Control, ALT and Delete keys together to delete cookies from your browser. This shortcut works on Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Internet Explorer’s new versions.

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