How to ensure maximum battery life of your laptop?

Laptop Battery Life

Laptop Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most apprehensive things for any laptop user. You must have tried several techniques yourself to get the best of battery backup and its overall life. At the same time, there are certain things which most of you might have done already, for instance – dimming screen light, minimizing background processes, avoiding the use of CD/DVD drive, not using screensavers, turning off wi fi and Bluetooth when not in use etc. But, let me tell you that these are not all to ensure the maximum battery life of your laptops. Technically it depends a lot on the configuration and hardware usage also. I will explain a few things that will significantly give you more minutes do work on the same battery.

Turn off the USB Ports, Ethernet, PCMCIA etc. when you are not using them, you can enable them back at the time of your use. Doing this does not involve much technical efficiency. I will explain the process for Windows users. Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop or by going into Start on the task bar panel. Now left click the Manage option. Doing with will open Computer Management window, select Device Manger in the left panel. Here will see all hardware listed in an order. Locate communication ports and network adapters, and turn them off by right clicking them. You can follow the same steps to enable them back when you need them.

Let’s do a different bit to add more to batter backup of your laptop. Create a separate hardware profile for different occasions. You can do this by right clicking My Computer icon and selecting Properties. The System Properties dialogue box will open, go to the Hardware tab and left click your mouse pointer on Hardware Profile. Here you can setup various options to adjust your needs here.

Additionally, you can follow other important steps to extend overall batter life of your laptop. Let me list them one by one for you –

  • Make sure that you are using a cooling pad when using your lappy in the lap
  • Don’t prop your laptop on anything like blanket, pillow etc. that can block cooling fans causing your laptop to heat up
  • Pull out the battery once in a month and clean it properly at the plug using rubbing alcohol
  • Do not keep the battery charged all the time. It happens that people plugging in the AC Adaptor all the time get in the habit of using it all the time even when the battery is charged completely
  • You do not need to completely discharge your Lithium ion batteries to boost its backup, however if you still have Nickel Metal battery, you must do it after every 25 to 30 charges.

If you think that your laptop is not charging well or there are some technical issues with it. You can ask me for a free quote for computer repair services. I will happy to help.

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