How to ensure proper maintenance of your computer?

Hello All, I am going to tell you a few important tips on computer repair today. I know you have already read my previous blogs on the same topic. But this one is going to be an addition to your knowledge about maintaining your laptop. Ready? Here you go!

First thing, I would advise not to try repairing your computer yourself if you are not an expert. Well, I do not say this because I am into computer repair business (come on!), I say this for your PC’s sake. As an expert myself, I know how painful it becomes when you unknowingly make a mess of your devices. It not only puts your device at risk, but can also make your data prone to damage.

So, here are a few important things about how to maintain your PC. This will really help you to maintain your PC for smooth functioning. But remember, do not overdo things or do something which you are not sure of.

1)   The first and most important thing you have to do is to save all your files in a single folder that which is so necessary for work at any specific location of the hard drive. You also can various sub folders for keeping all your files in an organized manner. By doing these, it will help you to open your files faster and which would automatically results in running your desktop quite faster.

 2)  Avoid saving your immense personal data on your C drive system. Because once your system gets crashed there is no other way to normalize other than formatting all your hard drive. The problem what happens while formatting is that the data gets deleted and you will lose all the data’s from your PC. It is always safe to store your data in the external disk so that you do not have any problem further. Hence you can save your entire file in the safer place without any problem.

3)    If you have unused programs installed in your PC its better that you uninstall it especially the bigger ones so that your PC does not face any problem like slow running. The main reason why you’re PCs becomes slow because of several unwanted programs installed in your computer.

 4)     If you have completely removed your important data’s from the any of the hard drive and saved in some safer locations, do not forget to delete the zipped files otherwise these files would create problems and occupy your hard disk size.

5)   You should have a habit of putting back up for all the hardware drivers as well as software installers from time to time, which will help you to recover data   even if your PC gets crash or get it formatted. In order to normalize your things, you can use the portable hard drives as well as flash drives in order to back up the hardware drivers followed by software installers.

 6)      It is also important to keep regular antivirus updated along with anti-spyware software which should be of latest virus definitions. Installing these programs would keep your PC fully protected and safe from virus as well as spyware attacks. With these certain windows problems also get solved. You should also scan your PC well weekly.

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