How to Import Your Mails to Gmail from Other Accounts?

It goes without saying that Gmail is by far the most popular online email platform today. The reason is that it fits all your needs whether you need a mail account for your business use or for personal use. But if you are not already using it as your primary mail provider, switching to the new Gmail account can be a bit troublesome experience. It is because the old account is having all your sweet and sour memories, contacts, and necessary emails of the past years. Now, you may think it would have been better if all the documents of the old accounts could be transferred to the new Gmail account. Yes, it is possible. In this blog today, I am going to tell you how to do that with perfection.

Now, migrating emails from older accounts from Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, or others is easier like never before. But before making up your mind, test the Gmail account for 30 days by forwarding the messages from the old account. If you find it interesting and more attractive then use it. But new added features and applications will definitely make you crazy for the account.


The feature of migrating emails and contact from the older account is available in the newly created account only. But gradually, it will be available in all the existing accounts of Google mail. Let’s get ahead to this.

To access this option, go to Settings and then Accounts Tab. I will show you how in the screenshot below:


Now once you are here, click on ‘Add another email address you own’. It will open a pop up, fill in your name and email address, hit the Next button, and follow the simple onscreen instructions.


Once you are done, it should take some time in fetching your mails. It will also depend on the number of mails you have on your old server.

There’s a very important thing that I would like to share about importing mail to Gmail, that is the fact that synching is done between inboxes only. It means Gmail will fetch your old emails from the Inbox only. If you have put some emails into a folder on your old server, move them back to Inbox first so that Google can your fetch your emails to your newly created Gmail account.

If you find any problem, post your questions in the comment section.

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