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Laptop usage has become very common today from personal to business.  It`s really painful when our laptop encounters any problem because we keep all of our important data, important files and even office files sometimes in it. And it compels us to go for a laptop repair . You know it all that your laptop can be repaired easily with the help of a laptop repair expert, but today I will tell you a few to Do It Yourself techniques.

1. Check your laptop regularly:

If your laptop is getting slower, there may be so many things blocking its speed. First of all you have to make sure that your anti-virus is up to date and second thing you have to make sure is that how much space has been occupied in the hard disk. And if there are unnecessary files kept in the hard disk, be brave and delete them to make some space free. Make a point that your hard drive cleaned out regularly with a hard disk cleaner program.

2. Check if it`s over heated:

If you laptop gets overheated, it doesn`t mean that there is  something wrong with the cooling fan. May be the laptop is blocked with the dust and needs compressed air. This is the common problem which happens in the laptops. This compressed air is easily available and easy to use.

3. Never unplug your cable from laptop when it is getting charge:

 The safest way to protect your laptop is never unplug your cable while is it charging. When it is fully charged then take off the plug first of all from the socket to avoid power socket replacement.

4. Do not use your laptop in extreme temperature:

In order to avoid some problems like slow speed and auto shutdown, it is essential that you do not use your laptop in extreme cold or in hot temperature. Many of the laptops are designed in such a way to be used only in normal temperate which is between 50- 95 degrees. Too much temperature condition can corrupt the component of your laptop.

5. Approach to the nearest repair servicing centre:

Many users are not technician so you might not feel familiar and comfortable to operate your laptop, so the best way is to take to the servicing center. When problem comes with the hardware it’s difficult for the users to manage and repair by themselves. A Laptop Repair can cost a small amount of money or sometimes just a huge amount because you just need to replace the laptop.

Therefore when your laptop goes wrong with something do not panic, and do not throw in the garbage, if you feel comfortable make attempt to operate by yourself. If you do not identify the cause of the fault of the laptop, then the user should think to take it to the repair centre.

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