Is your computer running slow? It may need maintenance!

Computers are known to run faster, then why be content with its lethargic speed? Studies indicate that slower speed is one of the most common problems in electronic devices like laptops, computers, and mobile phones today. But people usually tend to be satisfied with the speed they get. Take a few minutes and analyze – does your system run at the same speed as it used to run when it was new? Do not be under an impression that an old device cannot run faster. If you are not doing a proper maintenance, even your newest computers can run slower. The point here is that if you are doing a proper upkeep, your systems should run as new always.

pc-maintenanceSo, what should I do exactly? Do I need to take it for a fix? How much will the repair cost? Do not worry, you are not necessarily going to be in a hefty spend. It could be resolved and tuned to perfection at reasonably low prices if you opt for a monthly PC maintenance plan. Interestingly, if you are in and around Auckland, you can choose from our packages or else you can consult local professionals in your locality.

Five basic reasons why your computer is running slow:

OS Updates: As you know OS stands for Operating System you must already know what OS updates may refer to. Yes, you are right I am talking about the official updates from your OS manufacturer to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. If you are running Windows, you should refer to Windows updates, and in the case of Apple, you need Mac updates. All PCs and laptops have inbuilt features for such updates where updates are downloaded and installed automatically when you connect to internet. But, you must verify it manually at least once in a week. Remember, if your device is not regularly updated it can come up with several problems, and the worst part is that it becomes prone to security hacks.

Hardware configuration: It’s the second most important thing you should take care of. Take quarterly (every three months) advice of an expert on the need of hardware upgrades. Check with them to see if you need to upgrade any component or not. If you are advised an upgrade, go for it.

Clutter of temporary and unused files: Like we do not like junks, our laptops and similar devices also don’t. But they can’t clean it themselves; we need to clean them to stay afresh and active. That was on a lighter note but true to the words. Get ahead to clean junks files, browser cache, temporary files, recycle bin etc, at least once every three days.

Malware/Virus infection:  If you are done with the above but still can’t get the natural of speed your PC, you need to ensure that your Anti-Virus Program is up to date and actively running. In the absence of an antivirus program, your PC might be affected with viruses and causing slower speed ultimately.

Proper maintenance: There are several things that need to be taken into account to ensure that your systems are running as they should. For you it may be difficult to ensure everything. Let the expert do it for you. Opt for PC maintenance plan suiting your needs and budget. This is the best way to make sure you are free of all burden related to the performance of your computers.

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