Now, learn social skills from your computer

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s to be a reality now. An automated Personal Computer (PC) has been developed by scientists which can help people learn how to interact socially. As they say, this programme is called My Automated Conversation coacH – MACH.

It is important to note that this computer application has been developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has been developed in an effort to help people suffering from social phobia linked to autism.

fix-computer-errorWondering how does this work? Okay, this programme makes use of a computer-generated face that starts a conversation. It scans facial expressions of the person sitting in front of it with the help of web camera. It then analyzes the expressions, listens to the person’s speech carefully, and reads the behavioural cues. Not just that, it is also designed to track the weak languages like ‘Mmm’, ‘Uhh’, and other fillers. Analyzing everything effectively, it gives the user feedbacks about the good and bad of the communication they had, and it also gives hints to make user’s communication effective.

MACH plays a video of the conversation and shows all the important charts that monitor intonation, head movements, and codable gestures. Moreover, to make it look more real to the individual, it uses animations to incorporate arms, posture movements, gaze behaviour, facial expression, and even lip synchronisation. In all, if you are in front this social communication coach, you will be convinced that you are talking to someone very intelligent who understands your behavioural patterns very well.

This software has already been tested successfully on 90 undergraduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who wanted to improve their presentation skills for job interviews. The results have been well researched by experts to confirm that MACH is really effective and it can help one improve social communication skills.

It’s not just about preparing students for job interviews, this innovative programme can be immensely helpful for people who suffer from social phobia linked to autism – which of course was the main inspiration behind this project.  Ehasn Hoque, who led the research, confirms that MACH can very well be used to improve public speaking, or even dating skills of individuals.

So, when this innovative social coach is coming in the open markets? Mr. Hoque says it would be widely available online and it may take 6 months to a year time span to complete the development.

Okay, so you are going to have a computer that will tell you how to date effectively, or speak impressively publicly – a great piece of news indeed, isn’t it? But, you will have to wait for it for around one year.  By then, make use of your existing computers to its capacity. If it’s not working as it should and you need computer repairs in Auckland, give me a call at 0800 002 007 to book an appointment for your computer check up.

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