Onsite Services

Don’t you hit your mouse hard on the frustrating and pathetically slow speed of your computer? Or feel like scratching head when your PC/laptop restarts by itself? But hold on, it’s never wise to curse than to cure. There you go! Your computer needs to get the hands of expert technical professional and that is, of course – Mobile PC Doctor.

Onsite Services Auckland

Onsite Services Auckland

We not only repair your devices to restore its speed, but we also make them free of all those obstinate viruses, malwares and worms. In short, whatever the issue might be, we provide you with an extensive and complete solution for onsite computer repairs in Auckland and in all neighboring areas in the circle of 30 kilometers from Auckland City.

Why onsite services for computer repairs?

Isn’t it a big hassle to get your system to the repair shop and then keep waiting in the queue until your turn comes? The other way, if your leave your computer at the shop, you actually don’t know as to when you will get your computer back, it’s sometimes a few days and sometimes even weeks. But who cares for time? Do you? Yea, we all do. This is where onsite services for computer repairs come into picture.

Choosing this options does not require you to go anywhere out to look out for a repair shop, it comes to your door step. Yes, that’s right. Our onsite computer services ensure your peace of mind. Give us a call at 0800 002 007 and you are done. Be assured that you will have your PC working in a few hours or sometimes even in less time than that. It all depends on the complexity of the problem your device is suffering from.

At Mobile PC Doctor, we offer quality services with guaranteed satisfaction. You don’t have to carry your PC to a shop and wait for days to get it back. We come to you. Simply call us to fix an appointment.

Our unsurpassed services include

-Resolving hardware failure, lost data, wireless network setups

-Providing media center installations and all other onsite computer services

-Fully certified technicians

-Award winning helpdesk team

Why to waste time taking your computers to shops, when you can get the most personalized repair service rendered to you right at your door step. We not only care for your computers, we work to ensure you the guaranteed satisfaction before, during and after our service visit. Now it’s your time to experience the difference – the difference that restores your peace of mind by providing the best onsite computer services.

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