Some important computer maintenance tips !

computer maintenance

computer maintenance

Today, I am going to tell you all a few simple yet very important computer maintenance tips that you can do to ensure better maintenance of your computers and laptops. Come on, I won’t be puzzling you with those intricate technical things, these steps are indeed simple and easy to do, but the results? Well, you will notice it yourself.

  1. Get an antivirus program – Yes, first things first. You must ensure the security of your computers before you get ahead to do their proper maintenance. Here’s a list of popular antivirus programs that you can consider choosing from. Remember, a free version of such programs have certain limitations. However, that doesn’t mean that the free applications are of no use.  It all depends on how you use your computers, if you stay online longer and prefer doing online shopping, I’ll advise you to use a strong application that I am sure you can afford easily for better security of your devices.
  2. Keep regular backups: Backing up of system means keeping a copy of all your important data from the hard disks. It’s better to spend some time backing up than to repent later on sudden crashes and data loss. Though, you always have an option to take the help of experts on data recovery in case your computer crashes or hard disk fails. But why spend money when you save it by spending a couple of minutes?
  3. Maintain your hard drive: The hard drive or disk of your computer stores all the data of your system. You can ensure its optimum performance by following simple steps. Right click on the drive icon and select properties. Find the Tool option and click on Defragment Now.  Doing this every fortnight will help your hard disks and their data stay optimized for performance. Defragmentation makes a stack of your all data and makes it easy for the computer to access them when required. It finally results in faster speed at performance.
  4. Remove unused applications: You might have noticed that your computer has certain programs that you have not used for months. Why keep them uselessly? Uninstall them and free up the space that you can use for other program. Practically, it increases the speed your computer noticeably.
  5. Clean unused files, folders and temporary internet items: Let me tell you a very basic thing about your computer. Every time you open a website or pages from internet to read, view of watch something, your computer downloads all those files first and only then you see them.

In other words, when you watch a video or image on the web, these items first get downloaded to your hard disk in the form of temporary internet files in a way that you do not notice them. Keeping them as they are makes your computers perform slowly. Really? Yes, you must clean them up regularly so that your computer performs at its optimum speed all the time. You can get multiple tools online that will help you do this very easily. CCleaner is a very small application that cleans your computer from junk on a single click. Give it a try.

To sum up, as you start doing all these things to your computers or laptops, you will notice the difference in speed. But even after doing these all you do not get the speed, you can seek help of professionals and should go for a computer repair.

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