I was referred to Mobile PC Doctor by my accountant, who has had a working relationship with technician for several years. I have found technician to be very knowledgeable in their field and efficient with the work they have performed on both of my computers. I chose to subscribe to the annual service plan as I felt it was great value and also offers a method providing my computer with regular technological health checks. I pay with monthly instalments which assists my business cash flow and also gives me a sense of security because technician contacts me when my 3 monthly service is due and I know that any potential problems are addressed long before they impact on my computer. Another important factor to acknowledge is that Mobile PC Doctors are available outside of usual working hours and on weekends; this enables me to drop my computer to him or have him collect it or come to where it is located without any interruption to my working day. For a self employed person this is a very valuable factor! I would personally recommend Mobile PC Doctor as a one stop maintenance provider to any possible subscribers – it is worth the investment into my technological administration processes as restoring data after a meltdown can be very costly and generates stress and loss of productive time.

William M. (Avondale, Auckland) McKean Carnell & Associates Ltd

A little over a year ago I employed the services of the mobile pc doctorfollowing a recommendation from a work colleague. My home pc desktop hada few recurring problems that two previous technicians had not managed torepair completely. The mobile pc doctor technician was able to provide satisfactory solutionsto these problems and also installed a reputable antiviral program. Toensure peace of mind in regard to keeping my 5 year old pc functioningwell, I signed up for the PC Maintenance plan which involves quarterlyvisits to service and fix any problems for a very competitive annual fee.The technician also installed a remote access program on my computer whichmeans problems can potentially be solved without the necessity to visit. If requiredthough, the mobile pc technician is able to come at a weekend which ismost convenient as I work fulltime during the week. Recently, a faulty motherboard in my pc diagnosed by the technician hasresulted in the decision to purchase a new laptop computer.The mobile pc technicianwas most helpful with advice on this and also secured the mostcompetitive price for my new computer package. All my files, music,photos and e-mail configurations were transferred to the new unit prior to personal delivery by the mobile pc technician. I am very happy with the mobile pc doctor service and would not hesitate to recommend it to others who wish to have ongoing confidence in their computer health!

Jacquie C. (Kingsland, Auckland) Occupation: Laboratory Scientist