Why Upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows 8 upgrade

Windows 8 offers a series of significant advantages in comparison with its predecessor Windows 7.  The best of all is its whole new appearance and friendly interface. Many of my clients, for whom I did a Windows 8 upgrades in the past weeks, asked me if this new OS is user friendly or not. Is it easy to use? Should I upgrade now or wait for some time? Will I be able to do those basic Windows things or not?  To answer all such questions, I thought of writing a blog specifically. Here it goes…

  1. If you love speed, you will love this: This new version of Microsoft OS offers considerably faster start up, more than a doubled-speed than 7. I have personally tested it on my laptop, and have also experienced on all the Windows 8 upgrades I have done in the last two three weeks.  Haven’t tested on an Apple Mac device though, but one of fellow technicians has confirmed this. So for you, if you love speed, you will definitely be addicted to using this faster operating system.
  2. It’s a whole new exciting world: Windows 8 gives you the experience of full-screen, touch-friendly, internet-connected applications to enjoy. There’s a lot to explore, learn and get benefited from. Interestingly, Microsoft almost clones Apple’s app store with its Windows Store that definitely empowers its launch. You can download your favorite apps within clicks. It lists thousands of worthy applications you can buy and can use on multiple Windows 8 powered computers and laptops.
  3. You are secure: If you are more concerned about your computer’s security, you can’t avoid this new OS. A recent practical research from PC Magazine confirms that this new version is more secure in terms fighting vulnerabilities. One more important thing that I would like you to know is that, your new updated PC will have lesser intrusive updates than ever.
  4. More space with Sky drive integration: You must be aware that Apple stopped integrating its next generation devices with optical drives, though your Windows based laptops and PCs do have it. But never mind, you won’t even feel the need of it at all. Windows 8 comes with Sky Drive integration. It means you will have more cloud storage with you, which you can access from simply anywhere in the world.
  5. It understands and responds to your every touch: It features highly responsive and smooth touch input. So you can now let your fingers do the work instead of dragging your mouse. Wait, I didn’t ask you to forget your keyboard and mouse; they stay there as they are, but will definitely miss your teasing.

So, to sum up I would say, if you want to make your laptops and computers more secure, feature rich and lively, go for Windows 8 upgrade. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest technology, get upgraded.

Wondering how to go about this? (Yeah! It’s my turn to make a sales pitch here… 🙂 ). Jokes apart, but here at Mobile PC Doctor Limited,

You can also drop your laptop to my workshop, and I will deliver it you after the upgrade. (Yes, I am done, my sales pitch is over now, LOL). Don’t forget to post your comments if you liked this blog.

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