SSD Upgrade

Computer Too Slow?

Upgrading it with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) can make your computer much faster, your computer boot fast and load all programs much quicker.

Compared to traditional Hard Drives, Solid State Drives are much faster, more reliable, generate less heat and no noise at all. SSD Consumes less energy.

We have successfully installed SSD under 10 years old hardware such Apple iMac, Apple PC Desktops and PC Laptops. We have placed external portable hard drive on iMac with enclosure. So hard drive can be disconnected easily when hardware needs to be decommissioned.

We also provide service to upgrade your computer with an SSD, Clean Install OS (Windows or Mac) then provide option for data transfer.

We will do free hardware inspection at our workshop and give you a fixed priced quote.

SSD Upgrade Typical Cost between $350 - $650 depending on hard drive size ( 500GB or 1TB).

You can book free 15min workshop consultation.

FAST Internet / Better Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Printer Setup

Are you struggling with Wi-Fi?
Perhaps, it doesn’t reach to all of your rooms, keeps buffering, or drops completely when several people are streaming?
We can help!

When you sign up for a broadband package with service provider (Spark, Vodafone, TrustPower, Slingshot, 2degree, Orcon). you will usually get a router and those routers can’t keep with modern demands. We can remove service provider router and configured new router attached with Fibre box. We also liaise with your Internet Service provider and fix internet or email related issues.

We can do onsite visit and do assessment and will provide you tailor made solution. We can assist you with to best product and best deal and will configure a device at your place.

We can also setup/ configure a Wireless Printing for your home or office.

New Computer Setup / Data Transfer

We can provide you professional advice according to your current needs. We can assist you with choose a best hardware technical specs (CPU size, Memory, Hard Drive Size) and best price in retail shop. Once you will purchase computer then we can assist you with setup a new computer and transfer data from old computer.

Computer Repair

We will do following repairs:

Motherboard repair (Logic board repairs) on Apple devices such as iMac and Apple laptops as well as PC Laptops.

Laptop not charging issue / DC Jack repair on laptop.

Laptop battery replacement.

Laptop screen replacement. You can arrange a time to drop off laptop at workshop for assessment and will provide you a repair quote in next 1-2 working days.